Sonoma County Garden Wedding: Sam + Adrian

On a sunny spring day, I got to witness two very special people share their love with their closest family and friends. I first met Samantha 5 years ago at the Gravenstein Apple Fair, when she was competing in the singing contest. Let me tell you, this girl CAN SING! She blew me away with an amazing rendition of an Adele song and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I had the pleasure of taking their engagement pictures (twice actually!- I’ll let Sam explain a little later) and have loved getting to shoot with them! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Guzman! Couldn’t be happier for you two!

Scroll down to read about Sam + Adrian’s love story <3




How did the two of you meet?

Samantha: We met through a mutual friend. When we met, we did not hit it off. I was already a little in love with him from the way my friend talked about him and he actually had a crush on her. When we hung out at a park he was rude and told me I was pretentious lol




What attracted you to him/her the most?

Samantha: He was so nice and I had just gotten out of a bad relationship. He just honestly stole my heart with how he is so sweet and caring about everyone.
Adrian: That she was independent, funny and she didn’t take s*** from anybody. She was very pretty.








Was there a moment when you knew he/she was “the one?”

Sam: I don’t think there was an exact “moment,” I just think it was a building. We experienced honestly everything together and I knew that there wouldn’t be anyone else I would meet who understands me the way he does.
Adrian: After I was a dumba** and broke up with her I realized that she was the one and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and that I loved her.











How did he propose?

Samantha: Oh God he actually proposed three times! The first was honestly the worst lol I was at a bridal expo because a friend invited me since we were talking about getting married. He conspired with my mother who is bad at keeping secrets and when I got home I knew it was happening but played along. He knows I hate scavenger hunts and he planned a scavenger hunt. It took 2 hours and at the end there he was and when it came time to ask he got my middle name completely wrong. It was, to say the least, awkward! The second was a re-proposal because we had broken up and got back together. It took 3 years after the first proposal and it was in front of my family on Thanksgiving. He was really nervous and kind of just put the ring on my finger lol. When we were alone he got back on one knee and spoke from his heart. I won’t say what he said but it definitely made up for the other two times hahaha.








How did you feel on the day of the wedding?

Sam: Not nervous, just anxious! We had been together for 8 years already so it was just making it official on paper. I will say, I listened to Bob Marley a lot while getting ready and got some butterflies and maybe shed a tear while waiting. The anticipation was killllinnngg me!

Adrian: Happiest I’ve ever been. Excited to officially start our lives together and make our first home.









What was your favorite part of the wedding?

Sam: I don’t think there was a specific part that stood out. I think every part was perfect because I was with my friends and family, going to marry the man of my dreams.
Adrian: Her singing to me because it made me feel special and while she was singing a light beamed down through the barn and it made me feel like we were definitely meant to be.





With the help of a friend with a guitar, Sam sang “Only Exception” by Paramore. Halfway through the song, the clouds parted and a beam of sunlight came streaming down through the skylight, directly onto Adrian. It was magical!

Why did you want to sing this song at the wedding?

Well, I honestly didn’t want to sing at my wedding. Singing is for sure my passion but I wanted to just have a calm day and not stress about remembering words and stuff, but everyone wanted me to, and so did Adrian, but I told him no. I did late night rehearsals, while I said I was with friends. Choosing the song itself was a very easy choice because when Adrian and I first started “seeing” each other, we went on our first over night trip to Sacramento and he surprised me with Paramore tickets, which is one of my favorite bands of all time. While we were there they sang the song and Adrian suddenly stood up and reached for my hand. He pulled me into the aisle and we slow danced. That night, he told me he loved me. I knew singing it would bring both of us back to that time. And the lyrics definitely have meaning. I had been jaded and a bit disheartened in past relationships and although Adrian and I have had our ups and downs, he is the only exception to every rule I ever made for myself.




It’s a typical Saturday afternoon. What are the two of you doing?

Oh no, haha well we never really make set plans. We like to go to farmers markets, go to William Sonoma and buy cool things to cook with. We watch marathon movies and veg or go hang out with my family. We go to Monterey or Carmel for the weekends and explore. It honestly just depends on our mood when we wake up, but we are definitely doing fun things on Saturdays.



Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Sam: Hopefully still married haha jk! Well, I think we will have kids, I will still be doing shows and singing. Probably have lots of dogs because I love dogs, with a nice little house. We will still do weekend excursions and just be happy like we are now.
Adrian: Living at a bigger house with our Husky, Storm. Raising our child maybe. Still happily married.
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