Point Reyes Engagement: Chad & Rachel

As I mentioned in my previous post, my family is HUGE. . . and it’s only getting bigger! So excited for my cousin, Chad, and his fiancée, Rachel! Can’t wait for them to tie the knot this fall!


How did the two of you meet?

We met through mutual friends.


What first attracted you to him?

Rachel: Chad’s sense of humor always made me laugh when we were hanging out in a group of mutual friends. That caught my interest before I learned of all of his other good qualities.



What is your favorite thing about her?

Chad: Her intelligence. After being around other girls who seemed to purposefully “play dumb,” Rachel isn’t afraid of having deep intellectual conversations with me and I love that. We are also knowledgeable about different things, so we complement each other well and are always educating the other person.


What’s your favorite thing about him?

Rachel: Chad is so caring and compassionate towards other people that he is constantly putting others before himself. He is quick to help in any situation where his skills are needed. I guess that’s another favorite thing- he is so talented at such a wide range of things. He is constantly surprising me with his creativity and craftsmanship.



What’s one of your favorite memories together?

Chad: My favorite memory with Rachel was when she surprised me after my grandmother’s funeral. She was away at school in San Francisco and I was attending the funeral in Cotati. She knew that it was going to be a tough day, so she planned to be picked up by a friend in the city and dropped off at my house just before I got home. I was so surprised to see her and it was so special that she came to support me during such a hard time. It was very emotional and one of the best surprises I’ve ever experienced. That’s when I knew she was the one.


How did he propose?

Rachel: Chad and I were on vacation with my family on the big island of Hawaii for a week in July of 2016. On the second day there, we planned a day to drive from the Kona side to the Hilo side with my brother, his fiancée and my cousin, stopping at a few waterfalls/short hikes along the way. Chad had no idea when he was going to pop the question, but he had the ring in his backpack and was waiting for the opportune moment. We stopped at Umauma falls, where we took a short walk up a paved road to a lookout where we were the only ones there. While I was distracted taking pictures on my phone of the gorgeous view, Chad grabbed the ring and told me he had an important question for me. He created a perfect moment by popping the question in paradise. My brother and his fiancée were in on it and videotaped and photographed the whole thing. I cried happy tears and couldn’t wait to join up with the rest of my family to share the news (and maybe show off my ring a little 😉 )




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